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Frankincense Capsules 500mg

 Boswellia sacra from Oman with Certificate of Origin inspected by the Omani Department of Agriculture stamped by the Chamber of Commerce guaranteeing its origin and authenticity.

Frankincense capsules called “Hujari” or “Hojari” because it comes directly from area located in the Sultanate of Oman called “Hogar”.

Boswellia Extract is a standardized extract of Boswellia sacra, also known as Frankincense, a resinous botanical that has been used for centuries by traditional Ayurvedic herbalists. The bioactive constituents of Boswellia, Boswellic Acids, have been shown in scientific studies to affect key enzymes involved in the maintenance of healthy tissues. Through these mechanisms, Boswellia may help to support the immune system’s balanced response to the typical wear and tear of everyday life.

Top 10 Benefits of Frankincense Resin (Helps relieve sore throats, Help in gum disease, Helps with inflammation, Boosts the immune system, Helps in stress relief, Improves joint health, Helps prevent cancer, May help cancer healing, Helps get rid of body toxins, Prevents digestive problems, Promotes skin and tissue regeneration)

ODOROUS: Anti-microbial, Expectorant, Stimulant, Carminative, Stomachic, Immune Booster, Tonic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-spasmodic, Emmenagogue, Sedative, Pulmonary Tonic.

MEDICINAL: Anti-microbial, Astringent, Anti-fungal, Stimulant, Carminative, Stomachic, Anti-catarrhal, Anti-septic, Immune-boosting, Tonic, Anti-inflammatory, Emmenagogue, Diaphoretic, Vulnerary, Circulatory, Balsamic, Cicatrisant, Fungicidal, Digestive, Pulmonary Tonic.

Suggested Use: Take 1-2 capsule 1 to 2 times daily as needed with food.

IMPORTANT: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not meant to diagnose‚ treat or cure any disease or medical condition. Please consult your doctor before using these during pregnancy or if you have a serious medical condition.

For more info for health benefit’s & how to be used please CLICK HERE

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Weight 4 oz

50 Capsules, 200 Capsules

4 reviews for Frankincense Capsules

  1. Chris

    Its so easy to take and i really feel so much better. Thanks

  2. Jaclyn

    I did buy the first time from your Amazon store and then i was so glad i did.!? And after that i just buy here its much faster and shipping its within 2 business days?!?! Thank u.

  3. Rami

    Fast shipping. Thanks

  4. Elaine Olson

    Just so anyone will know on my recommendation I have had three relatives who cured their cancer using only frankincense essential oil. It did not work for a fourth person and that took baking soda and molasses. The directions for that is on you tube. The main causes of cancer is eating microwaved food , eating sugar and artificial sweeteners such as erythritol and aspartame. Also nitrates in smoked meat. High fructose corn syrup has mercury in it.

    • admin (verified owner)

      Hello Elaine,

      Thank you for sharing this information and we will like to give u 50% off coupon?! please contact us to send u the coupon.

      Sales department.

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